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Sport Injuries
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Because enforcement initiatives, propelled by advances in data analytics, continue to mount, successful practices must be aware and adroit to assess their susceptibility and status.  Monitoring and mitigating risks enable practices to establish effective controls and promote a culture of compliance.

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Whether for normal-course-of-business, investigational or other medico-legal matters requiring counsel, an expert partner to provide critical compliance services and support is crucial to help discern legal liability, standing and strategy.

Understanding, cooperation and compliance are advanced through effective provider and staff education, be it introductory or progressive, initial or follow-up, general or targeted, annual or as-needed, on-site or remote, individual or group.  For content and delivery in the right measure, there is a time and place, a means and mechanism, an angle and approach for achieving confidence and credence, trust and transfer, reliance and retention.

Medical necessity is the overarching criterion for payment.  From Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services to surgeries and procedures, as well as other miscellaneous services and supplies, capabilities to garner support for claims as medically necessary are fortified with studied and skilled abstration in the art and science of medicine.

Innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit continue to drive advances in technology, devices and data.  The clever or clairvoyant can create or illuminate a new vision that may take shape in, or help shape, the health care industry.  Support and development for new products and ideas, e.g., coding strategies, literature reviews/research and correlation of concepts, may aid in bringing these to life, both literally and figuratively.

Due to never-ending revisions to codes, guidelines and regulations, impacts on revenue and compliance may be difficult to assimilate.  While the health of both patients and the practice is paramount, coding and regulatory complexities may stress resources and risk levels when time, expertise and/or capacity are experiencing challenges..

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Whether as a small or large entity, within the machinery of a physician practice or hospital system, all revenue cycle business functions should operate smoothly for optimal results.  From gaps and glitches to bottlenecks and barriers, process degradation and deterioration generally only worsen with time.  Identifying problems and formulating improvements as early as possible can reduce losses to your bottom line.

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